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we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India

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At Al-Afiya Medi Tour, we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India, wherein we believe in offering our patients the highest level of medical care and medical expertise at prices that provide the best value for money to the patients. India as being one of the top medical tourism countries boasts some of the worlds leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and weight loss/obesity specialists, and doctors of many other specializations. We provide best in class medical services at approximately ten times less prices than the USA.

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Our team consists of highly qualified and immensely experienced professionals who are there for you 24×7 and provide complete end-to-end assistance related to all the medical requirements and emergencies. Starting from providing treatment specific quotes from best of hospitals/ doctors, making Visa arrangements, arranging for accommodation while in India, constant interaction with doctor / hospital during treatment, and keeping in constant touch for post treatment feedback.

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, Apollo, Manipal etc. which makes our capabilities wide, and provides patients a number of options to choose from, for their treatment at prices which provides you value for money.

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Ovarian Cancer Treatment In India

Ovarian cancer is a condition that happens as the cells in the ovaries starts growing and dividing abnormally.

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‎Ovarian Cancer Treatment

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Females have two ovaries one on each side of the uterus that produce egg needed for frotiliztaion.The ovaries also makes hormone estrogen and progesterone. Most common issue in ovaries is the ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is a condition that happens as the cells in the ovaries starts growing and dividing abnormally. The mortality rate with ovarian cancer is more than other kinds of female generative cancers. As per the statistic, the rate of mortality because of ovarian cancer is enhancing day by day. Each year more than 200000 women are getting diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer treatment in India is now gaining international attention because of the affordable cost of treatment and the best infrastructure. The Indian healthcare infrastructure is equal to the global health standards. Moreover, India has a big pool of highly skilled and competent Gynecologists renowned for offering the best treatment with more precision and accuracy.

Many Kenyan people are considering India as one of the best destinations for medical tourism due to ease of travel, communication, alternative treatment availability, and visa assistance.

There are three main kinds of ovarian cancer.

  • Epithelial ovarian cancer: Cancer that starts in the serious issues of the ovary epithelial layer. It is the most common type of ovarian cancer and consists of six subtypes.
  • Germ Cells ovarian cancer: They are the ones that are very rare but highly fatal. It is because germ cells are those cells that make eggs in the ovaries.
  • Ovarian stromal cancer: It is pretty rare, and it develops in the connective tissue that holds the ovaries together.

Cause of ovarian cancer

In simple terms, cancer occurs when there is any change in the DNA of cells. These changes result in the growth of the cells, and thus, they start dividing without dying. It results in a vast mass of abnormal cells that begin invading the nearby tissues and organs, thereby resulting in cancers.

The actual cause of ovarian cancer is still unknown. But scientists have recognized some factors that are linked to a high risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Some of the factors include:

  • Family history
  • Breast cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Age over 63 years

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

In the early stage, it is pretty difficult to detect ovarian cancer. Women with ovarian cancer will not experience any symptoms until cancer has reached its advanced stage. But it causes the following common symptoms like

  • Pelvic pain
  • Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Abnormal periods
  • Pain during intimacy

As the condition starts worsening, the patient begins experiencing nausea, weight loss, and shortness of breath.


When ovarian cancer is diagnosed in its early stage, then there is a high chance of recovery. After review of the symptoms, medication history, pelvic exam, and medical history is done.

Pelvic examination: Here, the doctor will put a gloved and a lubricated finger inside the vagina and, on the other hand, will feel the abdomen. The tests are done to detect any abnormalities in the ovaries.

When cancer is diagnosed, some tests are performed:

  • Laparoscopy: Here, a small incision in the abdomen is done. Then a laparoscope is put through your abdomen into your ovaries for checking any abnormalities. When any irregularity is found out, a small tissue sample is then collected and then examined in the laboratory. This is known as a biopsy.
  • Blood test: A sample of blood is collected for the determination of tumor markers, specially CA-125. When there are high levels of this protein, it indicates ovarian cancer.
  • Imaging tests: An ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI of your ovaries and other parts of your body is done to determine the size and extent of the tumor.

Different stages of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer has four stages.

Stage 1: Here, cancer is limited only to one or both of the ovaries.
Stage 2: Cancer spreads to the pelvis or the womb.
Stage 3: Cancer spreads to the abdomen lining along with lymph nodes.
Stage 4: Cancer reaches other parts of the body like the liver or your lungs.

Treatment for ovarian cancer

Based on the type, stage, and the whole health condition of the patient, either one or a combination of different treatments is recommended:

Surgery: It is the first and essential treatment option for removing the tumors. Based on the stage of cancer, any one of the following surgery is done in India:

Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy: it is done to treat early-stage cancer that has not spread to more than one ovary. Here the ovary affected along with the fallopian tubes are removed.

Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy: This process is done when cancer is present in both ovaries. It mainly includes removing both the ovaries as well as fallopian tubes.

Total hysterectomy: this process is done when cancer has spread to the uterus. Here the whole uterus is removed along with ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the nearby lymph nodes.

Total hysterectomy: This procedure is done if cancer has spread to the uterus. It involves removing the uterus, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and the surrounding lymph nodes.

Chemotherapy: A therapy where specific medicines are used for killing the cancer cells.

Radiotherapy: In this method, high-energy rays are utilized for destroying cancer cells.

Targeted therapy: In this therapy, drugs are used for killing cancer cells. This is used for the treatment of ovarian cancer that recurs after initial treatment.

Treatment duration

The duration depends on the kind and the cancer stage. After removing the tumor surgically, chemotherapy is given in about 3-6 cycles for at least 3-4 weeks. The chemotherapy duration depends on the kind and the administration route of the medicine that is used. In most cases, radiation therapy is given along with chemotherapy for about five days a week for various weeks till the tumor is destroyed.

Eligibility for ovarian cancer treatment:

Women with good health conditions are generally eligible for receiving ovarian cancer treatment.

  • Side effects of ovarian cancer treatment.
  • When the cancerous cells are removed surgically, it carries the same risk as other surgeries. Some of the most common side effects are loss of hair, nausea. Lethargic, loss of appetite. With radiation therapy, you might feel tired, get skin soreness, and loose hair at the treatment site.

Know about the lost ovarian cancer treatment guideline:

  • All women who received ovarian cancer r treatment should follow a rigorous follow-up regimen with their doctors. After treatment, all women have to make some healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Patients have to cut down their tobacco and alcohol intake to reduce the chance of recurring ovarian cancer.
  • Living a stress-free life is also essential. Some of the common side effects are weight loss, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

Now let us discuss the recovery time.

Women undergoing ovarian cancer treatment require time for recovering both physically as well as mentally. All surgical patients require at least 4-6 weeks before returning to their regular regimen.

It would help if you kept in mind that the results of ovarian cancer treatment have no guarantee that cancer will not return. In maximum women's cancer starts producing within two years of therapy, and it might also come as late as 20 years after treatment.

Now the question comes are there any alternatives to ovarian cancer treatment in India?

The alternative methods are highly complementary, or it is adopted as one of the preventive measures for combating the side effects of the actual pharmaceutical treatment.

Factors affecting the ovarian cancer treatment cost in India.

  • The total cost of ovarian cancer treatment depends on
  • Type of treatment you have opted for
  • Kind of surgery needed and associated anesthesia.
  • Duration of chemotherapy and a total number of cycles.
  • The total duration of radiotherapy.
  • Specific other issues in the patient.

In India, a privately funded organization might charge Rs.50000 to Rs. 1.5.00000

Alfiya Medi Tour offers the best assistance to global patients and offers many special packages to Kenya nationals. It helps patients from across the world with all of their hospital and accommodation-based requirements in India. The team makes sure that you get connected to the right hospital and the right doctor in India within your budget.

Here's how we help?

  • We connect you with the best hospitals in India.
  • We send all of your reports to chosen specialists.
  • Get customized cost of treatment.
  • Apply for a medical visa.
  • We plan and then arrange for the entire visit.
  • We assist you with admission and the process of discharge.

Kenyan patients get the best treatments in Indian hospitals. To avail of all special packages and deals, they can call our number.

Alfiya Medi tour, in association with the best hospitals in India, offers several treatment packages to medical tourists from abroad. All packages are customized based on the personal and individual requirements of the patients.

The responsibility of the best cancer hospitals in India does not end with only successful treatment but when the patient recovers well and can lead a day and disease-free life.

Receive the Alfiya medi tour treatment in India advantage:

Get benefited from the expertise of assisting several hundreds of foreign patients in getting top quality and affordable medical care in India

  • Obtain expert medical opinion and second opinion.
  • Free custodian services
  • Zero obligations
  • Travel and visa assistance

With Alfiya Medi Tour, you get hassle-free and affordable treatment at top-class hospitals in India.


When will I need to perform an ovarian cancer surgery?

Ovarian cancer surgery is a way to manage tumors initially. The primary purpose is to provide local treatment for the spreading of cancer in the ovary. Ovarian cancer surgery is carried out for

  •  Removal of both ovaries as well as womb.
  • Removal of the affected ovary and the fallopian tube.
  • Reduction of cancer to the most extent.

Is ovarian cancer surgery effective?

Many studies have already proven that because of low-cost cancer treatment and the latest diagnostic tools, more than 90% of women get fully recovered.

Is it possible to avoid ovarian cancer treatment?

Since it is the primary treatment method, it helps detect the tumor and its spread that assist in determining the whole process of treatment.

How long the surgery takes place?

The surgery might last up to 2-3 hours based on the kind of cancer and process being done. But mostly, the treatment lasts for around six weeks.

Willi get any pain after surgery?

It is pretty standard that you will get some pain when you are done with the operation because of the incision. But this can be controlled by using medicines, drips as well as anesthetics.

How many days does it take for complete recovery?

Usually, recovery from ovarian cancer surgery is around 4-8 weeks. This duration also gets enhanced when you take proper care, medicine and follow all instructions carefully.

What all activities can I do after ovarian cancer surgery?

The patient must start all day-to-day activities at a plodding speed with required rest and a perfect diet. The patient should not get in any heavy lifting activities. Driving as well as swimming should be avoided at any cost. The best option is slow walking and some mild exercises.

Is the cost of ovarian cancer treatment in India expensive?

No, it's a myth surrounding the whole world.

How can I select the best doctor as well as a hospital for ovarian cancer surgery?

This only choice depends on various factors such as doctor availability, financial condition, and mental stability.

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