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Why Choose Al-Afiya Medical Tour, India

we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India

Highest level of medical care and medical expertise

At Al-Afiya Medi Tour, we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India, wherein we believe in offering our patients the highest level of medical care and medical expertise at prices that provide the best value for money to the patients. India as being one of the top medical tourism countries boasts some of the worlds leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and weight loss/obesity specialists, and doctors of many other specializations. We provide best in class medical services at approximately ten times less prices than the USA.

Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified and immensely experienced professionals who are there for you 24×7 and provide complete end-to-end assistance related to all the medical requirements and emergencies. Starting from providing treatment specific quotes from best of hospitals/ doctors, making Visa arrangements, arranging for accommodation while in India, constant interaction with doctor / hospital during treatment, and keeping in constant touch for post treatment feedback.

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, Apollo, Manipal etc. which makes our capabilities wide, and provides patients a number of options to choose from, for their treatment at prices which provides you value for money.

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Gastroenterology Surgery in India

Customized, coordinated, cost-effective, and patient-focused treatment in India with Alfiya Medi Tour!

Gastroenterology surgery mainly includes various surgical processes performed on multiple organs and channels of the digestive system. This process involves repairing, removing, and resection the esophagus, liver, spleen, gall bladder, rectum, colon, and anus.

Gastroenterology surgery is done for Gerd disease, gastric ulcers, stomach ulcers, Crohn's disease, and some other ulcerative conditions.

Some of the important surgical procedures included in gastroenterology surgery are

  • Fundoplication: It helps prevent the reflux acids in the stomach from causing any damage to the esophagus.
  • Appendectomy: It assists in removing an inflamed appendix.
  • Cholecystectomy is removing tender gall bladder along with the crystallized salts known as gallstones.
  • Furthermore, vagotomy, antrectomy, and pyloroplasty are some surgeries required for gastric and peptic ulcers but are rare. In recent years, medical research has proved that gastric and peptic ulcers are because by the Helicobacter pylori that causes maximum duodenal ulcers and gastric ulcers. Some of the most common surgeries for stomach ulcers and duodenum are for the complications of ulcerative conditions, mainly perforation.
  • Colostomy, ileoanal, and ileostomy surgery is done for removing some part of the colon by colostomy( colostomy), removing part of the colon that has entered the small intestine ( ileostomy), and removing the part of the colon that is entering the rectal reservoir (ileonal). All these surgeries are needed for getting relief from diseased tissues and facilitate waste removal from the body.
  • Inflammatory bowel syndrome involves two severe diseases, i.e., ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. In both of the cases, part of the bowel is resected. While Crohn's disease has an impact on the small intestine, ulcerative colitis affects the colon lining. Furthermore, cancer development in the colon and rectum also requires resection of the colon, intestine, and rectum.

Diagnosis of conditions for gastroenterology surgery

The requirement for surgery of the esophagus, stomach, colon, and intestines is done by the medical history, ray, and general physical tests after the patient ingest various for maximum visibility. Diagnosis also involves some of the latest techniques. Upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopies are highly accurate in identifying the abnormalities compared to X-rays and can be utilized in treatment.

Endoscopy makes use of a long and flexible plastic tube along with a camera for having a look at the stomach and the bowel. In many cases, the physician also uses a CT scan for some processes, like an appendectomy.  Upper esophagogastroduodenal endoscopy is one of the reference methods for diagnosing ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are suitable for diseases and cancers in the large intestine and colon.

Alfiya Medi tour helps patients in having a smooth line of treatment for gastrointestinal issues. It offers special packages for the patients for Kenya to avail the advanced facilities in India.

Aftercare requirement after gastrointestinal surgery in India.

Appendectomy and gallbladder surgery are two simple processes, where patients usually go home the next day, but in some cases, they might need to stay in the hospital for some more days. The postoperative pain is very mild, and the patient is asked to remain in a liquid diet followed by a gradual, solid diet. For other more involved processes in organs like the bowel, liver, stomach, and pancreas, there is a need for some days of hospitalization and a gradual recovery period.


Some of the risks involved in gastrointestinal surgery are wounds or injuries in the adjacent organs or infections. Some of the general risks of open surgery are thrombosis and heart issues. In an appendectomy, the rate of infection and other wound complexities ranges between 10-18%.

In laparoscopic cholecystectomy for surgery in the Gall's bladder, injuries to adjacent organs might occur, thereby requiring another surgery for repairing it. Surgical processes in the stomach also carry certain risks.

For ulcer complications, laparoscopic surgery is not found to be a better option than regular surgery. Stomach and intestinal surgery also include risks like diarrhea, malabsorption of nutrients, and reflux gastritis.

In colon surgery, the risks involve the joint surgery risks like heart issues and thrombosis. For example, in Crohn's disease, colon resection might not be that effective and might need some repeated surgeries.

Select Alfiya Medi tour for gastroenterology surgery in India:

  • A team of medical experts providing opinions free of cost.
  • Numerous surgery cases were handled successfully.
  • Provides various options of some of the best gastroenterologists in India
  • Provides accurate disease diagnosis through multiple options.
  • Ensure you get the right treatment plan.
  • Best gastroenterology surgery cost in India.
  • We will be there for you at every stage of your gastroenterology surgery in India.

How Alfiya Medi tour manages your case?

We help you in selecting and consulting the top gastroenterologist in India. Our physicians recognize the doctors that they think are the leaders in their respective fields. Because of this, we have created a database of numerous medical experts in almost all specialties and subspecialties.

We help you to diagnose your case with the help of opinions from medical experts.

Diagnose your case

Reach a stage of accurate diagnosis and best treatment plan with best gastroenterology surgery cost in India. It is essential to authenticate a diagnosis and be sure of its accuracy.

We assist you in asking as several questions as possible at the time of consultations with the doctors.

We assist you in seeking various options after arriving in India. Alfiya Medi tour helps patients seek different options from wisely selected doctors as per the requirement of the specific case. When you get opinions from two or more best doctors, it decreases the chance of the wrong diagnosis. When two diagnosis matches, then there is significantly less chance of the wrong diagnosis. If they will not match, it needs seeking opinions from another doctor to conclude.

Alfiya medi tour makes sure you get the correct diagnosis and the best treatment plan for your gastroenterology treatment in India. We help you get professional management of your medical case, customized with one-to-one expertise handling.

Case management: During this stage Alfiya Medi tour offers complete control, supervising and harmonization of treatment so that the whole treatment stays on the right track. The entire medical management team coordinates the care for medical processes, offers various treatment options, and then monitors the ongoing medical treatment.  The close synchronization and proper control of the whole treatment result in the best treatment results, thereby prohibiting a wrong diagnosis and avoid all preventable surgeries.

This approach also offers an excellent answer to divided care and assist in making the whole treatment customized and perfectly coordinated. With the best team of doctors and the best hospitals, we deliver the best quality treatment.

With tough choices and control, the Alfiya Medi tour makes sure you get the best quality treatment for all patients.

 Alfiya Medi tour helps in making the gastroenterologist treatment cost-effective!

As we try to get various options for your cases, we get data on the cost estimates from some of the selected hospitals and doctors here, every issue is also referred for opinion.

Alfiya Medi Tour creates a competitive atmosphere for the hospitals that helps hospitals provide the best gastroenterology surgery cost in India. It helps in gaining the best knowledge of the cost estimation pertaining to every case.

Alfiya medi tour monitors stay diagnosis and help in avoiding all unrequired stay, service duplication and make sure the costs are restricted to all packages provided to patients. In cases where patients deal with the hospital directly, there are no options for monitoring the prices.

We negotiate and try to get the best price from several service providers.

Because of the best understanding and know-how of the whole price structure of several processes in India, the Alfiya Medi tour offers the most affordable options for your treatment.

Get a family away from your sweet home while undergoing treatment!

Alfiya Medi tour gets highly involved in your case and serves you like your family. By remaining with the patient during the whole treatment process, providing strong support, and protecting the patients, we bond with the patients.

Gastroenterology surgery cost in India

  • It is affordable, highly committed, and is all inclusive!
  • The gastroenterology surgery cost in India provided by Alfiya Medi tour is relatively low than any other source. We offer special all-inclusive packages that are 25-30% low than the cost of treatment provided by the hospitals in India.

 What are the different services provided by Alfiya Medi tour for gastroenterology surgery in India?

  • The highly qualified and proficient case manager is assigned to every patient for customized and fixative support.
  • Enables multiple options on the basis of OPD on every case to reach at a right, dependable and perfect diagnosis.
  • Careful selection of highly qualifies and experienced doctors with the best track record as per the requirements of the case across India.
  • Accredited hospital selection having recent technology and top class infrastructure based on the case.
  • Offers close supervision and control of the whole process of treatment.
  • Assist every patient in achieving the best outcome for treatments, eliminate errors, and helps in avoiding the unwanted surgeries.
  • The prices offered are negotiable that makes it one of the most affordable choices.
  • Negligible waiting time for treatment.
  • Makes arrangement and also coordinates the medical consultations.
  • Takes good care of admission and all discharge formalities in the hospital.
  • Support patients for every surgery appointment.
  • Escorts complete regulation, coordination, and treatment management.
  • For travel and stay coordination Alfiya Medi tour offers reasonable medical visa assistance, including the booking of flights, airport transfers, and good communication helps for getting in touch with the family members. Not only that but also we arrange good interpreters wherever necessary.
  • Furthermore, we offer good assistance at the time of hotel check in a check out along with multi-destination options. All the required bookings are made by us, along with personalized management of all individual requirements.

Top gastroenterologist of India

  1. Anurag Tandon

A renowned gastroenterologist with years of experience in the gastroenterology and gastro surgery. He is counted among the top 10 gastroenterologists in India. He is the proud receiver of the "young receiver award" at the 10th Asian pacific congress of Gastroenterology held at Yokohama in Japan. He has gained expertise in liver transplantation, viral hepatitis, perfect management of liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension.

  1. Vivek Raj

Dr. Vivek Raj is at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, New Delhi, as Director of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. He is also considered as a top gastroenterologist in India. His area of expertise is ERCP< Liver disease and colonoscopy. Dr. Vivek Raj's Expertise is also is in capsule endoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease.

  1. Debasis Banerjee

With more than 32 years of experience working as a gastroenterologist, Dr. Debasis Banerjee's expertise is in the field like GI surgery, Liver surgery, pancreas surgery, along with biliary tree surgery.

Top hospitals for Gastroenterology surgery in India

  • BLK Super Specialty hospital: It is one of the best hospitals that is accredited by the NABH. To date, it has done about 542 gastroenterology treatments with a high success rate.
  • Apollo hospitals: It is a hospital counted among the top 10 hospitals in India and is the best in class provider of medical services in whole Asia. It offers modern treatment services at the best price.
  • Manipal hospital is a network of some of the renowned clinics in India. It follows the best traditions of the latest medicine, multiple disciplinary medical care.

With the association with top hospitals and top doctors of India, Alfiya Medi Tour offers the best medical services across the world.


  1. When should I referred to a gastroenterologist?

Your physician refers you to a gastroenterologist when you have issues related to

  • Stomach
  • Small intestine
  • Gall Bladder
  • Colon
  • Esophagus tube
  • Small intestine
  1. Can a blood test identify stomach issues?

Yes, some blood tests can identify infection in the stomachs.

  1. Why should I prefer India for gastroenterology treatment?

India offers the best treatments with all advanced technologies at affordable prices. Apart from that, India houses some of the top gastroenterologists along with top-class hospitals.

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