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Why Choose Al-Afiya Medical Tour, India

we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India

Highest level of medical care and medical expertise

At Al-Afiya Medi Tour, we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India, wherein we believe in offering our patients the highest level of medical care and medical expertise at prices that provide the best value for money to the patients. India as being one of the top medical tourism countries boasts some of the worlds leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and weight loss/obesity specialists, and doctors of many other specializations. We provide best in class medical services at approximately ten times less prices than the USA.

Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified and immensely experienced professionals who are there for you 24×7 and provide complete end-to-end assistance related to all the medical requirements and emergencies. Starting from providing treatment specific quotes from best of hospitals/ doctors, making Visa arrangements, arranging for accommodation while in India, constant interaction with doctor / hospital during treatment, and keeping in constant touch for post treatment feedback.

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, Apollo, Manipal etc. which makes our capabilities wide, and provides patients a number of options to choose from, for their treatment at prices which provides you value for money.

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Chemotherapy In India

Chemotherapy is used for killing cancer cells of people with cancer.


‎Chemotherapy in India is one of the best and affordable option!

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases. Cancer treatment often becomes a burden for those who cannot afford expenses, mainly in western countries. Treatment of cancer includes few models such as radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy.

 Chemotherapy is one of the primary cancer treatments. It is given to patients in the form of cycles where it treats by killing the cancerous cells by making use of drugs.

Chemotherapy is used for killing cancer cells of people with cancer. There are several settings where chemotherapy might be used in people who have cancer.

For curing cancer without treatments: Chemotherapy is used as one of the primary treatments for cancer.

After other treatments for killing the hidden cancer cells: Chemotherapy can be used after other treatments, like surgery for killing cancer cells that will remain in the body.

For preparing you for other treatments: Chemotherapy can be used for shrinking tumors so that other treatments like radiation and surgery become possible. . Doctors often call this adjuvant therapy.

For easing the signs and symptoms: Chemotherapy might help relieve signs and symptoms of cancer by killing some of the cancer cells. This is known as palliative chemotherapy.

Alfiya Medi Tour offers cancer care and treatment packages that include the best medical facilities like state-of-the-art technology, best hospitals, tests, room fee, nutritional care, cost of surgery for the whole treatment duration.

The consultant of Alfiya Medi Tour offers benefits to cancer patients from Kenya who need chemotherapy. They get advantages from a team of cancer specialists along with the highly skilled staff at affordable rates.

Chemotherapy curbs the cancer cell spread in the remaining body and eradicates the existing cells affected by cancer. A cycle of chemotherapy lasts for either single or multiple days. Then it is followed by certain weeks of rest. An entire course of chemotherapy treatment lasts for about 3-6 months.

Your doctor needs to know if you are on any medication, such as laxatives or any over-the-counter medicines. The doctor also advises you to have some blood tests for checking certain things. It is also better to discuss all side effects and the advantages of chemotherapy with your doctor before the start of treatment. Your doctor also notifies you on what foods you should avoid and what you should consume to get the best effects from chemotherapy.

The chemotherapy treatment is typically decided by your oncologist depending on the type, intensity of your cancer, the rate at which it has spread over your body, and of course, your general well-being. The drugs administered in the course of chemotherapy are given in the following different ways:

Different ways in which chemotherapy treatment is given:

  • Chemotherapy pills: They are pills prescribed by your doctor in the form of capsules or medicines.
  • Intravenous fluid: Here, the chemotherapy is given with the help of a tube inserted into your arm's vein.
  • Injection: Here, chemotherapy is given through a regular infusion by using a needle.
  • Gel or cream: In few skin cancers, chemotherapy is given through gel or cream into your skin.

Drug classification in chemotherapy

  • Alkylating agents: These agents will damage the DNA strand and helps in preventing cell mitosis. They are used for treating several kinds of cancers like leukemia, sarcoma, etc.
  • Anti-metabolites: This interferes with cell replication as well as the process of proliferation. It has various sub-classes such as folate antagonists, pyrimidine antagonists, and purine antagonists.
  • Anti-tumor antibiotics: This inhibits the enzymes required for DNA replication.
  • Topoisomerase inhibitors prohibit the enzyme topoisomerase, which is responsible for DNA replication, thereby preventing the host replication.
  • Plant alkaloids: These alkaloids are first derived from plants, and they act by inhibiting the mitosis cell division and are also called mitotic inhibitors.
  • Corticosteroids: These include those hormones and their analogs as part of treatment.

Chemotherapy has several benefits along with many side effects. It is better to know about the side effects. Here are a few of them:

  • Loss of hair: This is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy treatment.
  • Aches: Joint ache, head, muscle ache also happens after chemotherapy treatment.
  • Constipation: Some of the chemotherapy treatment also cause constipation and affects your digestive system in one or the other way.
  • Vomiting: Some bouts of vomiting along with nauseous feelings along with appetite loss also occur with chemotherapy.

Now the question comes how chemotherapy works?

Chemotherapy works by restricting the splitting of the cancer cells. It destroys the cells more rapidly than it destroys the healthy cells, as because chemotherapy drugs are potent, they cause damages to several growing cells, including some of the healthy cells.

What is the total duration of chemotherapy treatment?

If you want to get the best results, the patient needs a standard and uninterrupted chemotherapy over a consummate period. Based on when the session for the treatment will happen and up to what extent, a complete plan is drawn.

A course of chemotherapy can also be of one day, or it might extend for few days. It all depends on the kind and the stage of cancer.

If the patient needs more than one course of treatment, then there will be a resting period to allow their body to recover. Like for example, the patient at first will take medicine for one day, then they will take rest for seven days before the subsequent treatment starts.

 Chemotherapy treatment cost in India

Several factors affect the cost of chemotherapy in India. Have a look at them:

  • Cancer type: The cost of chemotherapy varies based on the type of cancer. The kind of cancer decides the total number of chemo sessions, according to which the price of chemotherapy is also determined.
  • Cancer stage: This is one of the significant factors that decide the chemotherapy cost in India. When cancer is agreed in its initial phase, then cost is relatively low. When the tumor is discovered in its advanced stage, the cost is relatively high.
  • Plan of treatment: Sometimes, chemotherapy is provided, and some other treatment like radiation therapy or surgery. So, accordingly, the cost also varies for different patients based on the plan of treatment.
  • Treatment place: The chemotherapy price also relies on the site where the treatment is given. When chemotherapy is carried out in some major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, the cost is more when compared with other cities. Also, the quality of treatment is better in those cities.
  • Treatment settings: The cost of chemotherapy also relies on whether the treatment is given at a home, clinic, or a hospital.

Furthermore, the way chemotherapy is given also affects pricing as the cost of chemo port is quite expensive than IV or oral chemotherapy cost.

  • Chemotherapy drugs or dosage: The dosage of chemotherapy also varies a lot from person to person. Mostly the dosage is very high for any person having more bodyweight because of increased body resistance and low for that person with low bodyweight. Some of the drugs take into consideration both height and weight while setting up the dosage.

Know about some of the extra costs involved in chemotherapy cost in India.

Some of the tests often accompany the charges for chemotherapy in India, and the way it is accompanied also involves several other costs. Extra costs include those charges before the treatment initiates and those costs after the end of chemotherapy sessions.

  • Pre-chemotherapy treatment costs in India: These include those tests which a person should spend before the chemotherapy starts. This involves fees for consultation, lab tests, and diagnostic tests. The price ranges from person to personas various cancers have different difficulties.
  • Post chemotherapy cost in India: After the end of chemotherapy sessions, you might experience some side effects. To contain these side effects, some medications are required. For instance, a person suffering from a low count of white blood cells is given medicine to enhance the white blood cell count.

The post-chemotherapy cost also includes your stay in the hospital as well as other extra services.

 Why are we now seeing a massive influx of foreign patients in India for chemotherapy treatment?

You might be wondering why people prefer to have chemotherapy in India. There is a big difference in the chemotherapy treatment cost in India compared with other parts of the world.

  • Currency: One of the primary reasons for the big difference in the cost of chemotherapy in India is the currency. The money of India is fragile as compared to the US dollar, pounds, etc., for which it becomes affordable in terms of treatment, consultation, stay, and all other things that you need.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in India is relatively less when compared with other developed countries. So all facilities offered in India are pretty less when compared with other developed countries.
  • Competition: Several hospitals offer chemotherapy. To gain the benefit, several hospitals provide reasonable chemotherapy costs in India. Therefore, the cost of treatment is relatively low when compared to other cancer hospitals across the world.
  • Fees of doctors: Even if oncologists in India are highly experienced and skilled, they charge significantly less when compared to doctors of other developed countries.

 Alfiya Medi Tour is one of the best medical assistance platforms that helps foreign nationals get the best chemotherapy treatment in India. It offers many special packages to Kenyan patients like treatment at an affordable price, the best accommodations, and other such arrangements.

So, plan your chemotherapy treatment in India with Alfiya Medi Tour!


  1. Can I work during my course of chemotherapy treatment?

Chemotherapy has an impact on a person's physical as well as mental state. In some cases, patients might lead a completely everyday life, while patients have to go through a difficult phase in other instances. Patients can work during chemotherapy when their health allows them. At the same time, some patients prefer to carry on their part-time work to get some time for resting.

  1. Can I take other prescribed drugs during my chemotherapy treatment?

Some medicine might interfere with the functioning of the chemo drug. So, it is always better to discuss everything with your doctor, and they will provide you with the best possible solution.

  1. Will I get pain while undergoing chemotherapy treatment?

In general, the whole process of chemotherapy is painless. Sometimes you might get a burning sensation when a chemo drug enters your body, but that will be for a short period. It eases gradually. Some of the chemo drugs can cause pain in your muscles, stomach, head, and joints.

  1. Where can I get chemotherapy treatment?

Based on your type of treatment, you will receive chemotherapy either at home or at the hospital. At home, generally, chemotherapy is given either through pumps or through oral medication.

  1. Why chemotherapy makes you tired?

It is because it destroys the healthy cells as well, in addition to your cancer cells. This makes you feel fatigued.

  1. How long will I feel inadequate after I have undergone chemotherapy?

Nausea and vomiting might occur for some hours after receiving chemotherapy treatment, but it vanishes quickly after 24 hours. Some of the chemotherapy treatments might cause delayed fatigues, which generally start after 24 hours of the treatment and can last for 5-7 days.

  1. Till how long the chemotherapy side effects will last?

Generally, the side effects go away soon after the chemotherapy treatment ends, and some of them might take few months to go away completely. However, some side effects cause permanent damage to your body.

  1. How can I know whether or not chemotherapy is working for me or not?

The medical team will monitor whether or not the treatment is going well by doing some blood tests, x-rays, and physical exams.

  1. After chemotherapy, when will my hair come back?

The hair will start growing back after one month of the treatment. By the end of the second month, an inch of hair starts growing back.

  1. Do chemo patients lose their eyebrows and eyelashes?

Chemotherapy might cause hair loss not only in your scalp but also in other parts of your body. Sometimes a person might lose eyebrows, armpit hair, eyelashes, and hair on different body parts.

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