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we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India

Highest level of medical care and medical expertise

At Al-Afiya Medi Tour, we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India, wherein we believe in offering our patients the highest level of medical care and medical expertise at prices that provide the best value for money to the patients. India as being one of the top medical tourism countries boasts some of the worlds leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and weight loss/obesity specialists, and doctors of many other specializations. We provide best in class medical services at approximately ten times less prices than the USA.

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Our team consists of highly qualified and immensely experienced professionals who are there for you 24×7 and provide complete end-to-end assistance related to all the medical requirements and emergencies. Starting from providing treatment specific quotes from best of hospitals/ doctors, making Visa arrangements, arranging for accommodation while in India, constant interaction with doctor / hospital during treatment, and keeping in constant touch for post treatment feedback.

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, Apollo, Manipal etc. which makes our capabilities wide, and provides patients a number of options to choose from, for their treatment at prices which provides you value for money.

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Breast Reduction Surgery In India

Breast reduction surgery, also known as mammoplasty, is done to alleviate the physical distress caused by big size breasts and attain proportional breast dimensions, thereby increasing self-confidence.

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‎Why is India best for Breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as mammoplasty, is done to alleviate the physical distress caused by big size breasts and attain proportional breast dimensions, thereby increasing self-confidence.

Improper size occurs because of the overdevelopment of the adrenal tissue or the milk glands, or both. Macromastia can be seen either as a one-sided illness or bilateral condition that occurs along with sagging breast ptosis.

Large-sized breast is cosmetically unpleasing for many people but a consistent source of physical discomforts such as neck pain and maceration of the under the breast skin. There are some other problems associated with this like psychological and social embarrassments, not wearing fitted clothes, which one cannot ignore. Furthermore, large breasts are also very difficult to access for lumps and other swellings, making cancer detection very difficult.

The breast is made smaller, firm, and proportional to the rest of the body by removing fat, breast implants, skin, and glandular tissue. This process is mainly done on women and carried out on men affected by gynecomastia which is the abnormal development of big mammary glands.

India is considered one of the leading medical tourism destinations!

India is one of the culturally diverse countries that accept all kinds of religions and cultures. This is why a medical tourist from outside the country is treated with full equality, care, compassion, and a very positive outlook. In the last few years, medical tourism to India has enhanced highly because of the availability of skilled and expert surgeons at affordable prices.

The top hospitals for breast reduction surgery in India house some of the best doctors and surgeons worldwide. The medical community in association with these hospitals are trained and highly qualified with years of experience in dealing with various medical needs

India receives a large number of patients from Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Zambia, South Africa. Alfiya Medi tour arranges free medical consultancy for African peoples to help them avail the services.

Alfiya Medi tour also make arrangements with special packages for Kenya nationals. To avail all special surgery packages you can call on our number.

What are different techniques utilized for breast reduction surgery in India?

  • Vertical scar technique: The vertical scar reduction mammoplasty is best for eliminating the small areas of the skin and minor volumes of the tissues, thereby leaving some of the short incision scars.
  • Horizontal scar techniques: This is done by using a horizontal incision in the inflammatory fold and nipple-areola complications. Some of the probable pitfalls are box-shaped breasts by making use of the thick incision scars.
  • Free nipple grafting method: The benefit of this technique is that a bog volume of the breast cells is resected. The pitfall is abreast with no sensitive nipple-areola complication and with no capability of lactation.
  • Liposuction only technique or lipectomy: Here, the main benefit is a small incision scar, a brief post-operative healing interval for incision discoloration. The disadvantage is limited breast reduction.
  • Inverted –T- Incision: It is done with an incision to the nipple-areola complex that extends downward, which follows the natural curve of the breast hemisphere. This method efficiently decreases the large breast of gigantomachia and macromastia.
  • Scar less reduction or liposuction: These methods assist in removing extra fat present in the breast area. The advantage of liposuction is it leaves no scar like the traditional forms of breast reduction surgery. Very small incisions are made around the breast, and then hollow tubes are inserted, making small incisions for sucking away all unwanted fatty tissues. The incision made are so small that stitches are not needed, and the incisions heal very quickly. The most recent liposuction surgery involves using ultrasonic waves for breaking up the fat cells before sucking them away through the cannula. It is a narrow hollow tube having a suction pump attached to it.
  • Gynecomastia: Also known as male breast reduction surgery. Here there is an abnormal development of the mammary glands in males. The condition occurs physiologically in neonates, in adults as well as in older adults. It affects either one or both breasts of males, sometimes unevenly. In general, gynecomastia is not a problem, but it is tough to cope with. Men and boys having gynecomastia sometimes suffer from pain in their breasts and might feel embarrassed. It may go away on its own. If it persists, medication or surgery might help.

How is the diagnosis done?

There is no specific test for breast reduction surgery, it is purely a personal choice of any individual who wants to perform this surgery for

  • Easing the distress like neck and back pain along with posture issues. The consistent pull of the thick breast departs the painful indentation of the bra straps.
  • Attaining a breast size that is in proportion to the human anatomy.
  • Assist in enhancing self-confidence as big in the proportionate breast.
  • Know about different tests required for breast reduction surgery.
  • Evaluating breasts by taking photos and measuring the size and the contour, the quality of the skin, and also the position of the nipple and the aerosols.
  • Mammogram before doing the operation. It is done for analyzing and measuring your breasts and taking photos.
  • The surgeon also makes a proper assessment of the medical history as well as general health, along with several lab tests for announcing your match or the operation.

Throughout the process of the surgery.

  • The entire breast reduction procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, and the operation takes around 3-5 hours.
  • The method used might get changed.
  • Excess amounts of breast tissue, fat, and skin are eliminated to decrease each breast's size.
  • Succeeding the process
  • A tube is inserted for draining all extra fluid.
  • Your breast might feel tender and sensitive. Your physician will give medication for pain along with antibiotics to reduce any chance of disease.
  • You might require to wear a surgical or a compression bra to decrease the swelling and offer assistance to the breast.

Breast reduction surgery in India is a good option.

India has many cosmetic surgeons who have earned a good name in aesthetic plastic surgery, body contouring tummy tucks, facial rejuvenation, and many more things. All these expert surgeons are dedicated to achieving naturally appealing outcomes which balance and increase the patient's existing features while offering the best possible results and care. While the cost of the cosmetic and plastic processes is low but there is no compromise when the matter is about patients' health and wellbeing.

Alfiya Medi Tour assist Kenya patients with special medical treatment packages with global healthcare standards. Call at this number to have a free consultation with the team of Alfiya Medi tour.

Most hospitals possess some of the latest apparatus, state-of-the-art facilities, highly dedicated surgeons, compassionate nurses, and professional staff. Surgeons are known widely for high skills in cosmetic and plastic surgery, such as breast reduction surgery.

Intricate processes like breast reduction might have some complications when experienced, and capable surgeons do not handle it, India offers some of the exclusive lists of good medical professionals who are ready for carrying out the required treatment safety and adroitness.

Cities of India offering the best breast reduction surgery are Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala, Goa, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Jaipur.

Breast reduction surgery cost in India.

In India, it is one of the cost-efficient procedures as the cost of the facility or the operating room fee, lab test, nursing and facility fees, medications, and the surgical supplies helps save more than 50-70%.

In maximum development countries, cosmetic process such as liposuction is extremely expensive. The total cost of this surgery outside India can deter many patients. India is a relief for such aspirants. In maximum western countries, patients having a large amount of fat for removal have to pay more than India. In India, all patients can easily avail the benefit of low-cost surgery and high-class services in all cosmetic and plastic processes.

Different factors that affect the price of Breast reduction surgery in India.

Certain variables will put an impact on the price of the breast reduction process in India. They are

  • The hospital one has chosen.
  • Running room and recovery room fees
  • The fee that will be paid to the team of physicians.
  • All medicines and the sterile dressings.
  • All tests and diagnostic processes.
  • Type of techniques.

Alfiya Medi tour provides the best breast reduction surgery in India at an affordable price for all global patients who are coming to India under the supervision of some of the most trained doctors.

The team of Alfiya Medi Tour offers good facilities to the people of Africa for getting treatment in India. Here are few reasons why Africa people prefer India for some of the major surgery including Breast reduction surgery.

  • Good access to best quality healthcare: The quality of medical treatment in India is strongly recognized at the international level. The best hospitals possess some of the latest technology that is utilized for treating several categories of patients. There is no kind of treatment that any medical tourist from Africa will not avail of in India.
  • Skilled doctors and surgeons: The team of doctors, medical specialists, and surgeons in India are highly experienced and skilled. Their skills, expertise, and the caliber to generate 100 percent success outcomes are unquestionable to date.
  • Many hospitals to select from: The best hospitals for affordable breast reduction surgery in India are not only restricted to one single city. There are several hospitals within each country, so that patients will have several options to select from.
  • Cost of treatment is affordable: The total cost of treatment in India is very less when compared with other medical tourist destinations.
  • East to access: India is easily accessible from all African countries through direct flights. Furthermore, the immigration rules for medical tourists are also highly flexible. Alfiya medi tour helps in the immigration process for all individuals seeking treatment in India.

Breast reduction surgery hospitals in India are well equipped with all recent medical devices and are available with some of the modern infrastructure. All facilities have some the highly experienced and skilled specialists who offer the best care and high-quality health care to patients. The cost of Breast reduction surgery in India range between USD 1300-USD 2300, while the same process costs USD 6500 in the USA.

How does the Alfiya Medi tour help?

  • Basic facilities: Medi tour assist in arranging the medical visa, transportation to and from airport service, meals, lab tests, etc.
  • Highly qualified panel: Alfiya media tour has a good network of some of the best surgeons and hospitals, offering the best quality healthcare in India.
  • High professionalism: They maintain the high ethics in offering the treatments, and the processes are carried out with utmost transparency.
  • Other basic services: Alfiya media tour also takes good care of facilities like offering healthy meals that are prescribed by doctors, rehab facilities, planning vacation, etc.


What are some of the common symptoms of the enlarged breast?

  • Heavy and enlarged breasts, which is 500gm per breast.
  • Breast sagging and induced distress to the head, shoulders, spine, and neck.
  • Some of the secondary issues like poor blood flowing, reduced breathing, chafing of the skin, and reduced breast size.
  • Indentations into shoulders due to bra straps.

How is breast reduction carried out?

  • Breast reduction is done to make the breast proportionate to the female body. It is to make sure that the operational sensitivity and the lactational capacity of the breasts.
  • For alleviating the distress when anyone has big breasts.
  • For accomplishing the breast size to human anatomy.
  • Assist in enhancing self-image and self-confidence.

Are the results of breast reduction surgery permanent?

It is believed that the outcomes of breast reduction surgery are long-lasting. But sometimes, the breast might become bigger because of weight fluctuations, pregnancy.

At what age can one go for breast reduction surgery?

You can go for it at any age. But it is good to wait until the breast is fully developed until pregnancy is not an issue.

What are some of the contradictions to breast reduction operation?

  • A breast reduction surgery can't be achieved.
  • When the girl is lactating.
  • When there are unrecognized micro-calcifications.
  • When someone is suffering from systemic disease.
  • When someone is emotionally not fit.

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