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we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India

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At Al-Afiya Medi Tour, we offer you a complete range of surgical and non-surgical options from major hospitals in India, wherein we believe in offering our patients the highest level of medical care and medical expertise at prices that provide the best value for money to the patients. India as being one of the top medical tourism countries boasts some of the worlds leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and weight loss/obesity specialists, and doctors of many other specializations. We provide best in class medical services at approximately ten times less prices than the USA.

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Our team consists of highly qualified and immensely experienced professionals who are there for you 24×7 and provide complete end-to-end assistance related to all the medical requirements and emergencies. Starting from providing treatment specific quotes from best of hospitals/ doctors, making Visa arrangements, arranging for accommodation while in India, constant interaction with doctor / hospital during treatment, and keeping in constant touch for post treatment feedback.

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals

Al-Afiya has partnered with some of the top-notch hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, Apollo, Manipal etc. which makes our capabilities wide, and provides patients a number of options to choose from, for their treatment at prices which provides you value for money.

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Brain Tumor Treatment India

The brain tumor Incidence is increasing at a very steady rate. Each year a large number of brain tumor case is getting reported across the world.

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‎Know about brain tumor treatment in India.

The brain tumor Incidence in India is increasing at a very steady rate. Each year a large number of brain tumor case is getting reported across the world. It is spread among people of all ages. In the year 2018, a brain tumor was ranked as the 10th most common kind of tumor that spread among Indians.

As per the report generated by the International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC), there is more than 28000 case of a brain tumor in India and more than 24000 people die because of brain tumor annually. A brain tumor is one of a serious condition and is really fatal when it is not detected in the early stages.

What is a brain tumor?

A brain tumor is an uncontrolled growth of cells in the brain. The space that is present in our skull is restricted. Therefore, any extra growth that occurs inside our brain results in pressure inside our skull, thereby causing some of the life-threatening conditions and also damages our brain.

Know about types of brain tumors

There are mainly two types of brain tumors

Primary brain tumors: It is a type of brain tumor that starts from within the brain. They can be either benign without any cancerous growth or malignant, with rapidly growing cancer cells.

A primary brain tumor is further divided into glial and non-glial tumors.

Glial tumors, also known as gliomas, are that type of tumors that starts in the glial cells. These cells are responsible for supporting the nervous system by surrounding and holding the neurons in one place. It supplies important nutrients along with oxygen to the nerve cells, eliminates the dead neurons and then insulates the neurons from each other. Some of the examples of gliomas are

  • Astrocytomas are something that develops in the brain cerebrum.
  • Oligodendroglia tumors are something that occurs in the frontal-temporal lobes of the brain.
  • Glioblastomas are aggressive tumors that usually starts in the supportive brain tissue.

Non-glial tumors are those tumors that start in the brain structure, such as the blood vessels, meninges, or the glands. Some of the examples are meningiomas, pineal gland tumors, pituitary tumors etc.

Secondary or metastatic brain tumor: It is a kind of brain tumor that starts in other parts of our body such as lungs or breast, and then they spread to our brain with the blood, they are cancerous and can never be benign.

Know about the important cause and risk factors of Brain tumors

If you are thinking about what causes a brain tumor, then you must know that till now, although exclusive research has been completed, no exact cause has been determined.

Tumors are mainly caused by unrestrained multiplication of the cells. This is mainly caused by an alteration or some mutation in the DNA, Genes that are responsible for controlling the cell division and make the cell death at the right time are influenced by this mutation, and this results in uncontrollable growth of the cells. This, in turn, results in brain tumors.

Many risk factors enhance your chance of getting a brain tumor. Some of them are:

  • Radiation: People who are highly exposed to radiation, such as ionizing radiation from the X-rays, Ct scans. It can also be from the power lines, mobile phones as well as cell phone towers.
  • Obesity: People who are obese are at risk of developing brain tumors.
  • Family history: Even if it is rare, some kinds of brain tumors are genetically inherited. When many people in your family have brain tumors, your risk of developing brain tumors also enhances.
  • Cancers in the past: People with cancers such as leukaemia are also at high risk of developing a brain tumor. Some adults with cancer also are at a risk of developing the tumors in future, but studies are still going on for confirming this finding.
  • Chemical exposure: People who are exposed to some chemicals in either living or the work environment can also put you at risk of getting a brain tumor. Some of the examples of known carcinogens are diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, nickel compounds etc.

Major symptoms of brain tumor

What symptoms you get for a brain tumor depends on the location of the tumor and its size. When the brain tumor becomes very big so that it puts pressure on the remaining brain tissue, you will get symptoms like
Headaches, seizures, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision, weakness in some parts of the face, memory loss, dizziness, hand tremors, drowsiness, loss of bladder control.

How is a brain tumor diagnosed?

In your visit to your doctor, if they detect a brain tumor, then you will get a recommendation for certain diagnostic tests for confirming it like

  • Neurological examination: This involves checking your hearing, vision, coordination, strength and vision. Any difficulties in such areas are indicators that some part of your brain might be affected by a brain tumor.
  • Imaging tests: Some of the imaging tests like Magnetic resonance imaging, CT scan, and positron emission tomography scan are used to diagnose brain tumors.
  • Biopsy: A small piece of tumor is eliminated by minimally invasive surgery, and then it is examined for determining whether it is a malignant tumor or a benign tumor.
  • Analyzing CSF: Cerebrospinal fluid is a colourless fluid that is present inside the brain and the spinal cord. This fluid is then tested for the diagnosis of conditions such as brain tumors.
  • X-ray of the skull: Brain tumors result in skull fractures, and this can be seen in x-rays. With X-rays, one can also find the calcium deposits that are found inside brain tumors.
  • Angiography: In this process, a fluorescent dye is inoculated into the bloodstream. Then the dye travels to the brain and allows doctors to see in detail the blood supply channel to the tumor. This helps in the surgical removal of the tumor.

What are the different kinds of brain tumor treatment in India?

In India, some of the vital treatments for a brain tumor are as follows:

  • Surgery: This is one of the common treatments available. Here the surgeon will remove the cancerous cells without causing any damage to the healthy brain tissue. The two major side effects of this treatment are bleeding and infection. Benign brain tumors can easily be removed by surgery.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Neurosurgeons use minimally invasive techniques for this brain tumor surgery to remove the cancerous cells. This technique reduces your hospital stay duration, decreases your recovery time, and lowers the mortality rate.
  • Radiation Therapy: In this type of brain tumor treatment, radiation like X-rays or protons beams are used to kill tumor cells. This can be done by external beam radiation, where you sit in front of a machine and wear a protective covering, leaving only the tumor area exposed. This therapy can also be done via brachytherapy - a device is placed inside your body near the brain tumor that gives out radiation to kill the tumor cells. Side-effects of this therapy include fatigue, memory loss, headaches, and scalp irritation.
  • Chemotherapy: Drugs are injected or taken orally, and they target and kill the tumor cells. Chemotherapy causes side effects like hair loss, vomiting, nausea, and tiredness.
  • Targeted Drug Therapy: Certain types of brain tumors are treated with drugs that target specific abnormalities that are present in the tumor cells by blocking them. This causes cancerous cells to die.
  • Radiosurgery: Unlike surgery in the traditional sense of the word, this treatment method is where many radiation beams are focused onto the brain tumor to kill the tumor cells. Various technologies like the linear accelerator and gamma knife are used to treat the brain tumor with radiation.

What is the risk that is associated with brain tumor treatment?

Brain surgery and treatment is one of the complicated and a serious procedures. It is one of the best treatment options for brain tumors.  The latest medical technology nowadays is allowing the surgeons to do the operation by using some of the minimum invasive methods.

But the brain surgery is one of the critical processes that carry some extra risk. Some of the complications that might occur are bleeding, swelling, blood clots, allergic to anaesthesia, loss of memory, coma, and seizures.

But all surgeons take good care to make sure that they are very much thorough as well as attentive so that the treatment is successful and there are no complications.

Why is India one of the best options for brain tumor treatment in India?

  • The cost of brain tumor treatment in a Western country is very high, whereas, in India, it is less when compared to other countries.
  • The success rate of brain tumor treatment is high in India.
  • India has some of the chosen neurosurgeons with the best health care facilities that provide their services at the best price.
  • Most of the neurosurgeons are highly skilled with years of experience.
  • All the best brain tumor treatment hospitals in India are well-equipped with all the latest technology.
  • Patients coming from abroad can save a huge amount of money by saving on expenses while undergoing brain tumor surgery in India.
  • African people are highly sensitive towards their health needs. Since their medical infrastructure is not so much developed, people often prefer to travel abroad to get medical facilities. With India developing as one of the best medical hubs across the world, patients from Africa are starting to come to India for medical issues.

Factors that affect the brain tumor surgery cost in India

Here are few variables that puts an effect on the brain tumor surgery cost in India. Have a look at them:

  • The hospital one is opting for.
  • The room: standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room etc.
  • Operating room and ICU
  • Fees for doctors teams.
  • Medicines
  • Standard tests and process of diagnosis.
  • The type of surgery conducted, i.e. craniotomy, microsurgery and Gamma knife surgery.

Alafia Medi tour provides its consumers with the best chain of brain tumor hospitals along with the best experience of premium quality medical care and support. Patients from African countries can travel to India for Brain Tumor treatment with Alafia Medi Tour. It provides an reliable access to the biggest network of healthcare providers, surgeons, nursing homes and clinics.

They will offer you all the services that you deserve. With affordable treatment options and technology-based platforms, they will make your healthcare experience fruitful.

Alafia Medi Tour is one of the premier global patient care and a leading medical tourism provider of India. It helps in meeting the healthcare requirements of individual’s looking for medical treatments and surgeries in India.


  • Is Brain tumor surgery risky?

Brain tumor surgery is more risky than another kind of surgery. However, maximum neurosurgeons in India are skilled with several years of experience and make sure that there will be no complications. It is important to select an expert neurologist along with the best hospital to obtain the best possible care.

  • How we should prepare for brain tumor treatment?

Your doctor will offer you all instructions in detail about how to prepare for the treatment method. Inform your doctor about all medications that you were on, that also includes over the counter medications as well as supplements. Also, let your doctor know about all the allergies you had in the past or if you have been drinking alcohol.

  • What are my chance of survival?

The outlook after a brain tumor is largely based on the size, location and the type of the tumor, including your general health. It also is based on whether there is any kind of complications either before or after the brain surgery. Earlier, the tumor is detected, and treatment is done, more chances of survival. With the latest medical technology, the chance of surgical complications are decreasing, and the outlook is more positive.

  • Can I take my medication before surgery?
Some days before surgery, you might have to stop the medication. Your doctor will then allow you to know when you should stop taking medicine.
  • Can I take my food and drink the night before the surgery?

Mostly, it is not advisable to eat or drink anything a midnight before the surgery. The best advice will be given by the doctor.

  • For how long I have to stay in the hospital after surgery?

Primarily, you have to stay for about three days. You might have to stay longer if you develop any issues post-surgery.

  • What is the chance of survival after brain tumor surgery?

With the advent of new technologies and methods, the survival rate has increased nowadays. The success rate is high, and patients are fully recovering after surgery and not getting relapse of tumor.

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